No. 1 Bronzer

Today I'm sharing

my #1 bronzer with all of you! It’s a limited edition so don’t wait to try this one out- it was probably made by Esther h'Malka herself!

It’s Laura Mercier’s

Baked Blush Bronzer in ‘Ritual’! This gorgeous circle of pressed-end-of-summer-glow-powder is my go-to. I even bought myself a supply of them to last for future years.

What’s so special about it?

PINK UNDERTONES! Most bronzers are orange, which is great if you’re Snookie or an Umpa-lumpa. With 5 shades of bronze and pink, this makes bronzing and contouring available to the mature woman, or cool toned complexion.

Less is more with this sultry bronzer!

Start off with a fan brush, using a light and soft touch- you can always add more! It’s ultra lightweight, lasts all day, and works with all skin types. The bronzer also contains some vitamin E and jojoba oil to help moisturize.