Busy Woman's Highlight

I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite ways to make my face pop when I’m in a rush- adding powder highlights! I do this using Ben Nye’s pressed powder eye shadow in “Shell”. 

Your face naturally has shadows and highlights, the goal is to accentuate them. Applying this powder under your eyes down to the top of your cheekbones will help brighten your face up, make your eyes pop, and its really fast and easy!! The highlight is also great applied on top of your creams- foundation, concealer, etc.

The color is an ivory with a hint of peachy flesh-tone color, and has a beautiful matte finish. It works on just about any skin shade, and is also a great natural eyeshadow,  (covers up red discoloration on the lids). I recommend a medium sized, fluffy,  angled brush to apply the powder. The product is sheer so it can/needs to be layered. 

Ben Nye is an ‘industry’ brand, so that means you cant find it in Neiman’s or Sephora! His products are available in-store and online at various beauty supplie stores. Here’s a personal favorite of mine that is local to Los Angelians, and also has reliable, fast shipping.