Fur for Purim & Pesach

Spring/Summer collections have already started filling the stores, and all the designers seem to be walking to the same beat: FUR. And as this never ending winter continues trucking on, our caveman instinct draws us in to the bouncy, fluffy, thick fibers. 

This magenta crop faux-fur jacket is from Banana Republic, was such a surprise to find this piece there! They are all sold out, but here is a similar one.

Here is the jacket shot in 2 different lights - had to capture that bold colour and cute shape! (Underneath is an Armani leather dress).

 Check out these looks for some inspiration

...and look how happy they all look in their fur!! 

Armani FW14




As an animal lover and mommy of 3 Maltese Puppies, (a mom, a dad, and their baby), I have to say I do not support real fur garments, as most of them are made in China by kidnapping puppies, and skinning them alive. PLEASE if you are going to buy fur, opt for faux fur, and make sure the garment was not manufactured in China. Marc Jacobs was recentlyunder a nasty light for selling "faux fur" jackets, that were actually made out of dogs, (it was cheaper than synthetic fur). These were found at our very own Century 21 stores, and Marc had no idea, (he himself owns two puppies)!

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