How To Workout In A Skirt

Workout Without Feeling Limited:

How To Workout In A Skirt

1. Aerobics Class

Zumba, CardioBarre, Swerve, there are options at just about any gym, and entire centers dedicated to aerobics classes. It's an easy way to make friends, and get positive encouragement and motivation. If you are just starting out, having someone to guide and correct you will help you get the most out of your workouts. It's also nice to be able to follow someone's lead when you are just too tired at the end of the day to think for yourself! Skirt Skirt

2. Tennis

This is a no-brainer, as skirts are already the uniform! One of the only skilled sports that can provide such an intense work out, with out getting dirty! If you're lucky to live near both indoor and outdoor courts, you can stay in shape year round with tennis, enjoying the good weather days, and hiding from the bad.

 Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

3. Train For A Marathon

Cheapest and fastest way to squeeze something into a busy day is hit the streets. Train for a marathon, or go on a brisk walk to start and end your day.

 Big Sur Mud Run 2012

Big Sur Mud Run 2012

4. Hiking

For the city gals it's Runyon Canyon, for the valley girls it's Franklin Canyon, both equally gorgeous and a great way to connect with nature right in the middle of LA. You never get bored, and once you've mastered the basic trails there are many options available to take your workout up a notch. 

5. Rollerblading

Hit Santa Monica Beach and roll yourself all the way down to Venice Beach. If you know how to hold yourself up on blades, you've got to try this at least once.

6. Dance class

Flamingo, ballroom, hiphop, belly dance, the options are endless. Like aerobics, this is another great way to connect with other ladies, but leaves room for you to express yourself creatively.

7. Ice Skating

This is a fantastic option to do with the family! You can keep track of little ones, and get more personal time while still being ative.


8. Golf

A great way to spend the day outside without any overly aggressive moves on the body. Surrounded by trees and silence, you will leave feeling quite refreshed. 

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